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17 Sep 2019 . , , , ,

The pressing need for a global digital ecosystem

All evidence shows that we are not on track to avert the two greatest...

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22 Feb 2019 . , , , ,

Kuala Lumpur as a Cultural & Creative City

Vision for Kuala Lumpur to be among the top 10 internationally- recognised cities of...

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20 Jul 2017 . , , , , ,

Teknologi dron kian popular dalam kalangan pesawah Kelantan

Penggunaan teknologi dron bagi melancarkan kerja semburan racun dan baja cecair di sawah padi,...

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07 Jul 2015 . , , , ,

Population Ageing: Can we “live long and prosper”?

This article looks into aging population in Malaysia is happening, what it means, and...

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